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Slow cooked rustic
cassava flatbread

18 years reinventing ancestral heritage

Made in the Dominican Republic
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Our cassava flatbreads are baked and 100% gluten free

Artisan Flatbread Round

Artisan Flatbread Round



Sweet temptation

Cassava flatbread can also be enjoyed as a sweet dish to enjoy

Beetroot hummus
Beetroot hummus
Good to share!

We share this delicious synergy between the Taino and Arab culture, so

Guacamole delight
Guacamole delight
Who doesn't like guacamole?

Personally, I don't trust anyone who doesn't like avocado, so here is


Our story

Monción—the land of "Panyuca"

We produce our cassava flatbread in Monción, in the north of the Dominican Republic, as it is there were, ever since the indigenous people, the bitter cassava root is grown, being the raw material of cassava flatbread. One day more than 15 years ago, without foreseeing it, we decided to embrace a litte town's inspiration and to never forget our roots, thus adventuring into evolving the Cassava flatbread by creating our brand CASABI, which means cassava bread. Highly motivated to preserve and respect the ancient tradition of growing cassava and making casabe in Monción. We believed in innovating the cassava flatbread.


Cassava Tradition

Cassava Tradition

Cassava flatbread is our country's history and culture and has a firm presence in caribbean gastronomy. The cultural links present in the cassava families that have inherited the cassava tradition from their forefathers, descendants of the first people inhabiting the Monción region, which is practically the cassava flatbread capital.

Manihot esculenta

Manihot Esculenta,commonly called "Yuca", Mandioca, Casabe or Cassava

Is a woody shrub of the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, extensively grown in America, Africa and Oceania for its highly nutritive starchy roots.

Cassava flour

The cassava root has multiple properties, as it is a 100% natural product containing abundant carbohydrates, and also fiber. For its neutral taste, the cassava root is tasty and polyphacetic, can be eaten in different ways, and it's easy to pair with any food at any given time.



The cassava or mandioca is an american species, that has extended throughout the american tropics, from Brazil and Mexico to the Dominican Republic.


It's a shrub with three branches, green lobed leaves, stems with pronounced nodes of variable size, that can reach three meters in height.


The cassava is a woody shrub of variable size, that can reach 3m in height. The cultivars can be grouped by their height: short ones (up to 1,50 m), intermediate ones (1,50-2,50 m) and tall ones (more than 2,50m).


We preferably use fresh, fertile, well-drained soil, topsoil no less than 15cm and 4-7,5 pH. We distribute 20-25 cm long stems by pegs (7-9 buds). We plant between November and January putting the pegs horizontally inclined in the grooves.

Cassava varieties

There are two types of cassava, sweet and bitter cassava.

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